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Address 55 Becks Bridge Rd Moe, VIC 3825.

Contact no 03 5126 1960

Business no 0431 9421 94


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Autoboss is the place to go in Moe for all of your transmission requirements. At AutoBoss you will find a leading team of professionals committed to offering quality parts and repairs. Let our 15 years of experience work for you and all of your transmission needs.

Autoboss is also a distributor for Diesel/Gas Australia. We can improve the driveabailaity of your vehicle with a Diesel/Gas conversion today!

The Transmission Specialists in The Latrobe Valley



Business Tag Line : We Are The Transmission Specialists!

* Automatic Transmissions * Manual Gearboxes * Differentials, Clutches * Hi Stall Convertors * Hi Performance Autos * Conversions

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